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January 7, 2015  

18: Resolutions, Reading, Writing and Coarse Language

January 7, 2015

This week, I ponder these questions...


  • What happens when we remain open to new experiences?
  • Do I have any good tips for anyone who has resolved to get fit?
  • What has running got to do with encouraging children to write?
  • Are there advantages to reading many books, on the same subject, by different authors?
  • Can I recommend some interesting novels to read?
  • What do I mean by the words 'multi-directional learning'?
  • Why am I feeling very excited about writing?
  • Can I pronounce the word, 'tomatometer' or does my tongue get all twisted up? 
  • What do I always do after reading a good book? 
  • Should we steer our children only towards books that portray the good?
  • Should parents preview every book a child wants to read?
  • Is there a danger with banning books?
  • Can some ‘wrong’ books actually be right?
  • Can punctuation rules sometimes be broken?
  • Is there a place for quick and easy reads? 
  • What if kids only want to read easy books with little literary value?
  • And do I say 'Cartload of Hay' instead of 'Cartload of Clay'? 

If you listen (to the end!) you'll also discover I tried a new podcast feature for the first time.


The program notes can be found on my blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family. Lots of links to related books, movies, blog posts etc!


Featured music: Sunny Morning Exercise Club by Origami Repetika(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)