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January 22, 2015  

20: (More) Apologies

January 22, 2015

This week I talk about apologies, and the importance of good titles. I also answer these questions...


  • Have I written any blog posts which have misled readers?
  • Have any readers found themselves reading my rather radical ideas by mistake?
  • Why is my family glad we run up and down hills regularly?
  • Why are the Jenolan Caves so spectacular?
  • How many times can I say the word 'spectacular' in one podcast?
  • Why did the bride cut two holes into a shower curtain and then step into them?
  • Why might I have to go abseiling?
  • Why are stories better than text books?
  • What is one way of igniting a new passion?
  • What is our latest family passion?
  • Am I any good at taking photos underground?
  • What is my latest video about?
  • Did I win my recent copyright disputes with Youtube?
  • What treasure am I hoping listeners will discover if they listen to my podcast?
  • And finally... What am I apologising for?
You can find the program notes on my blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family.
Featured music (which has been modified by fading in and fading out): By Grace by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)