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June 25, 2015  

32: Kids and Computers

June 25, 2015

This week my daughter Imogen joins me to talk about computers. Some of the questions we discuss include:



  • Should children be allowed to use the computer?
  • What kind of opportunities for learning do computers offer?
  • Can Facebook be valuable?
  • Should children’s time on the computer be restricted?
  • How do we encourage a child to balance her computer time with other activities?
  • Should we respect a child’s creative space?
  • Can playing computer games be a worthwhile thing to do?
  • Can people make a living out of playing computer games?
  • And is there a way to guide our children other than applying rules and regulations?
This podcast contains our thoughts on children and computers, but we respect other people's opinions which might differ from ours. It's okay to disagree. Friendly debate is always good!
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