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June 16, 2017  

99: Real Life Family Unschool Maths

June 16, 2017

This week, I continue the unschool maths conversation:


  • Can we force kids to learn things they don't want to know about?
  • What if we have to show evidence that our kids are learning maths for homeschool registration purposes?
  • Why should we sometimes put ourselves in our kids' shoes?
  • How can we become maths detectives?
  • What is wrong with most maths games?
  • Can we approach maths backwards?


I also share a few learning and maths blog posts and discuss the ideas in them:

Making Children Learn What They Don't Want to Know

Approaching Maths Backwards

Becoming Real Life Maths Detectives

Why Kids With Families Don't Need Workbooks to Learn Basic Maths Skills


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