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October 16, 2015  

47: When Our Help and Strewing Are Rejected

October 16, 2015
This week I answer the following questions:
  • What mistake have I been making when strewing for my youngest daughter Gemma-Rose?
  • What do we do when a child seems not to want our help?
  • What criteria do we use when deciding if unschooling is successful?
  • When did I go splat and embarrass myself?
  • What does 'cowboy up' mean?
  • What Pinterest board did someone pin my blog post 'Bite-Sized Pieces of Unschool Maths'? to

I told a lot of stories in this episode, but I did manage to squeeze in a resource segment too!


The podcast notes are on my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family


My children's novel is called The Angels of Abbey Creek


And the podcast music is 60's Quiz Show by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)!


Thanks for listening!