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May 11, 2021  

188: It’s Not for Me!

May 11, 2021

This week, Imogen and I are discussing:

  • The value of casual work and lower profile jobs
  • How our kids can surprise us
  • Jobs and passions
  • Why we need to promote our work
  • How to answer critics and critique other people’s work
  • The importance of helping each other
  • Jane Austen, Sanditon and Bridgerton
  • Ageing
  • And other things!


Show Notes


Things we mention in this episode

This is Marketing: book by Seth Godin

The Illustrated Man: book by Ray Bradbury

Sanditon: miniseries adapted from Jane Austen's novel by Andrew Davies 

Sanditon: unfinished Jane Austen novel

Pride and Prejudice: 1995 miniseries adapted by Andrew Davies from Jane Austen's novel

Bridgerton: miniseries

Bridgerton: book by Julia Quinn


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