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August 9, 2019  

158: Old and New Stories, a Book Club and Other Unschooling Things

August 9, 2019

This week, I'm sharing some old stories and some new ones, as well as some news.

I talk about:

  • When my kids were younger by sharing a snow story and a homeschooling camp story.
  • How my ideas about how kids learn have changed.
  • How Gemma-Rose (15) has been enriching her own life.
  • Our family passion for musicals.
  • How our kids can come alive when they are involved with their passions and using their talents.
  • How young kids can join in with things we might think are too advanced for them.
  • My new Curious Unschoolers Book Club.
  • How Imogen, Sophie and I are travelling to Canberra on 31st August to meet up with other unschoolers.


Show Notes

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Blog Posts


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The Curious Unschoolers Book Club

The Curious Unschoolers Book Club Is Now Open!

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Books by Father James Tierney

The Bush Boys books


Where You Can Find Me


Sue Elvis




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