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February 28, 2018  

121: Kids, Needs, and Church

February 28, 2018

This week, I'm talking about:


The importance of trying to see the world through our kids' eyes

How we're not giving in to kids when we respond to their needs

How we should respond to the needs of our kids even if it's inconvenient or difficult

How making kids feel welcome at church isn't a matter of tolerating their crying during the service

Should we force unschooled kids to go to church? Why this might be the wrong question

The trials of aspiring authors

How we have to be brave and do things without worrying about the opinions of others


I'm also sharing some stories about:


Kangaroos and dogs and the late rising sun

A child who cried in a restaurant because he couldn't cope


A Note

When it comes to sharing our faith with our kids, I am talking from my own experience which may be different from yours. My husband Andy and I share a faith. We both go to church. When it comes to passing on our beliefs, I'm sure we have it easy compared to families where spouses have differing religious beliefs or levels of commitment.


Show Notes


Game-Making Website

Stencyl: Create Amazing Games Without Code


Blog Posts

The Wobbly Moments of Life

When A Child Can't Cope


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