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February 14, 2018  

120: Unschooling and University: Learning from Our Own Experiences

February 14, 2018

This week, I'm sharing my husband Andy's and my university experiences, and what we learnt from them:


The Opportunity to Discover, the Freedom to Learn

My Dean's Medallist of a Husband


I discuss the following questions:


Can unschooled children study successfully at university?

What is the best motivation for successful learning?

Should unschooling teenagers be allowed to continue exploring their interests?

Or should we structure their education in the final years so that they are prepared for university?

Is it ever too late to follow our dreams?

Is it ever too late to learn new skills?


Something I didn't mention: If a child knows what she wants to do, making a plan in order to achieve that goal seems to be a sensible thing to do. My daughter Imogen made a plan for getting into university. And it was successful.


My Youtube Videos:

Imogen Talks About Unschooling

From Unschooling to University and Work (Part 1)

From Unschooling to University and Work (Part 2)


Unschooling and university is a big topic. I didn't cover all aspects of it in this podcast, but maybe I offered a few ideas we can discuss.


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