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August 2, 2018  

129: Unschoolers Earning Money, Following Passions

In this week's episode, I'm talking about:

  • How my daughters are earning money while they continue to pursue their passions
  • Why it's okay not to finish everything we start
  • What I've been doing recently
  • Why I left Instagram
  • Why Gemma-Rose is painting the interior of our house
  • Imogen's first novel and where you can buy a copy!


As usual, I have some stories to share and a resource as well.


Show Notes


Blog: Write, Rewrite, Read

Novel: The Crystal Tree, available as a paperback or Kindle ebook.

TV Series

The Great Interior Design Challenge

You might find some episodes on Netflix or other sites.


Episode 86: Are You an Unschooling Multipotentialite?


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