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September 25, 2014  

5: Unschool Writing, Essays and a Few Panicky Moments!

This week I chat to my 19 year old daughter Imogen about writing. 

Imogen is in her final year of a Professional Writing and Publishing degree at university. So how did she get there? Did she learn to write by doing a structured course? What about spelling and grammar? Surely she learnt all about essay writing before she started her university degree? And how did she write before she knew anything about letters? We discuss all these questions and much more, including NaNoWriMo which is only a few weeks away. Somehow I found myself mentioning a couple of panicky moments I experienced while unschooling!

You can find the program notes, which include a list of recommended writing books, on my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family.

September 17, 2014  

4: Exciting Times, Slow Times and Unschool Holidays!

This week I talk about how exciting it is when a child finds something she is passionate about. And how I can be tempted to get anxious when a child doesn't seem to be interested in anything particular at all. I discuss the changing seasons of our unschooling year, and whether or not unschoolers have holidays. If you're interested in mistakes, I mention that as well!

You'll find the program notes for this podcast on my Stories of an Unschooling Family blog. 
September 11, 2014  

3: Getting Older, Admitting One’s Age, Lines and Wrinkles!

This week I talk about ageing. Why do some of us find it so difficult to adjust to our changing appearance as we get older? Why do I find it difficult to admit my age? And what are my daughters learning from my attitude towards ageing? I ask my 13 year old daughter a few questions related to this topic.

Along the way, I speak about such things as leading by example, and how we will continue learning all our lives. Learning doesn't stop because we get older… and of course, this is very exciting and much more important than wrinkles!


September 4, 2014  

2: Mistakes, a Teenager’s Love of Learning and Loose Change!

Sophie, my unschooling teenager and I chat about our shared love of learning and all the interests we have in common. I mull over how important it is for mothers to be a good example of learning. And how mothers usually end up learning so much from their children. We discuss Sophie’s least favourite question related to learning. And we talk about perfection and why it isn’t necessary. Along the way other topics enter our conversation such as cat bites, our huge puppy Nora, online art classes, loose change, DSLR cameras and mistakes!

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