Stories of an Unschooling Family

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October 1, 2014  

6: Unschooling Experts, Criticism and Radical Chore Rosters

October 1, 2014

This week:

  • I talk about the definition of unschooling. 
  • Are labels useful or an invitation for criticism? 
  • I ponder if there are such people as unschooling experts. 
  • And can a radical unschooling family use a chore roster? No? Perhaps?
  • I chat about how my ideas have changed over the years. And how inconvenient it is to have my past ideas published somewhere in black and white, for all to see, when I no longer believe what I wrote!
As usual the program notes, which include a number of posts related to this podcast, can be found on my blog Stories of an Unschooling Family.