Stories of an Unschooling Family

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November 26, 2014  

14: How to Talk and Save Lives, and Can I Mention the Weather?

November 26, 2014

Is it okay to talk about the weather or should that topic be avoided if you want to have an interesting conversation? Is it important for our children to have good conversational skills? How do they get such skills? 

Bushfire fighters are heroes but can school teachers be heroes too? Should we all know how to do CPR, just in case? And what about our children? Should they learn too?

Do the youngest children in the family sometimes miss out? Should parents make the effort to give them the same experiences as their older siblings?

And should we brush off other people's thanks? (Hey, it was nothing!) Or is it necessary for us to be gracious and accept them?

I hope you'll listen to this week's podcast to find out my answers to all these questions and much more! 

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