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June 10, 2017  

98: Unschool Maths and Uncomfortable Ideas

June 10, 2017

This week, I'm talking about:

  • uncomfortable ideas, the ones we think we'll never consider
  • how we sometimes deceive ourselves because we can't face the truth
  • our unschool maths story


I discuss the questions:

  • If our kids don't have formal maths notes to show, what can we put in our homeschool records books?
  • Is it okay to strew maths like we would science or history?
  • Is there a problem with some maths games?
  • Is there a problem with real life maths resources?
  • Can we call ourselves unschoolers if we don't unschool maths?


I also talk more about:

  • those times when life becomes overwhelming
  • how we can help each other when someone isn't coping
  • empathy and misbehaviour
  • our weight loss and fitness adventure


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