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October 25, 2015  

48: Do My Unschoolers Mind Being Different?

October 25, 2015

This week, my 14-year-old daughter Sophie joins me to talk about being different. She answers the following questions in her usual lively way:

  • In what ways are you different?
  • Do you like being different?
  • Is there an advantage to being different?
  • Even though you don't fit in with the crowd, do you still have a need to belong?
I also talk about how tricky it can be recommending resources. 
  • What if someone thinks one of my resources is totally unsuitable for children?
  • Are we affected by adult peer pressure when deciding whether something is child suitable or not?
  • Do parents have a need to feel accepted and approved of?
Even though there is always the possibility I might be criticised for my choices, I did share some resources! 
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