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February 9, 2019  

147: A Big Chat About Unschooling Teenagers

February 9, 2019

My daughters Imogen and Sophie join me to talk about unschooling teenagers:

  • What do teenagers need?
  • Should parents introduce more structured learning during the high school years?
  • Or do teenagers need to be free to continue to explore their passions?
  • What should we do if a teenager doesn't appear to have any particular passions?
  • What about university?
  • Do parents keep teenagers safe by keeping a tight hold on them? Is this the responsible thing to do?
  • Or do we keep teenagers safe by giving them their freedom to discover who they are?
  • Should parents be friends with their teenagers?
  • Is it never too late to build close relationships with our teenagers?
  • Is it essential we do this?

These are just a few of the many questions we discuss during our big chat about unschooling teenagers!


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