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October 5, 2018  

135: A Gradual Approach to Unschooling and More

October 5, 2018

This week, I'm talking about how unschooling can be approached in a gradual way.

I'm sharing a story: A Gradual Approach to Unschooling.

And discussing the following questions:

  • Is a gradual approach the best way for many families to begin unschooling?
  • Is mutual trust between parent and child essential?
  • Is it really okay if our kids spend all day in front of screens?
  • Why do some kids have trouble self-regulating their screen time?
  • Is it wrong if parents want their kids to exercise and go outside?
  • How can we encourage kids to leave their screens?


Show Notes

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A Gradual Approach to Unschooling

Is It Really Okay to Give Unschooling Kids Unlimited Access to Screens and the Internet


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