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June 30, 2017  

101: Adult Peer Pressure, Clothes, Rules and Compassion

June 30, 2017


This week, I'm talking about:

  • Communication skills: Are we good communicators? Why is it important that we know how to communicate? What about our kids? How do they deal with people in the bigger world who fail to treat them with the respect and politeness they have come to expect?
  • Adult peer pressure: Do we sometimes make decisions based on our friends' opinions rather than our families' needs? If we do this, do we put our relationships with our kids at risk?
  • Rules: Do we need to make rules? Or are they ineffective? Do rules set us up for battles with our kids? 
  • Jeggings: Is it okay for a mother as old as me to wear them? And are my jeggings fitting more comfortable after a month of our great weight loss adventure?


As I talk, I share a few stories including one that was hard to write. 


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