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July 4, 2016  

77: Reassessing

This week, I'm talking about my podcasts, blog, and videos. What are listeners/readers/viewers looking for? Is what I'm producing helpful?

In an attempt to answer these questions, I ponder my ten most popular blog posts ever. Are the unschooling ideas and principles, contained within them, what people want to know about? 

My top ten list includes posts about:

  • chores
  • getting kids to do 'school' work
  • parenting mistakes
  • 'proper' unschooling
  • unschool record keeping
  • resources and strewing
  • unschooling misconceptions
I'm wondering: What about you? Do these topics interest you? Or do you listen to my podcast for a different reason? Perhaps you're not searching for information. Could it be you're just looking for friendship with a like-minded family? 

I hope you'll listen to this week's episode and then stop by (if you have time) with some feedback.

I'm taking a short break while my husband is home on holiday. I'll be back in a couple of weeks with another episode!

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Thank you for listening. If you enjoy my podcast, perhaps you can share the link to help spread the word about unschooling!

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