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July 27, 2015  

35: Popularity, Learning to Read and Shakespeare

I haven't been checking the stats for this podcast so I don't know if anyone is still listening. Does it matter if I'm talking to myself? In this week's podcast, I talk about blogging, podcasting and popularity.

I also talk about the following:
  • is there such a thing as a typical unschooling day?
  • how about a typical unschooling week?
  • the uneven nature of learning and how this affects homeschool record keeping
  • our passion for Shakespeare
  • learning to read:
  • how I thought I was a wonderful teacher
  • how I discovered I wasn't
  • the mistakes I made with my children
  • what I finally learned about learning to read
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Music: 60's Quiz Show by Podington Bear, (CC BY-NC 3.0)
July 20, 2015  

34: Learning from My Daughter and Other Unschool Stories

This week's episode is a bits and pieces podcast. I tell some stories about what's been happening in our family, ponder some thoughts and share a few resources. More specifically, I discuss:




  • something exciting that happened last Friday
  • whether or not we can prepare our children for an unknown future
  • why we are glad we have an active dog
  • how writing about Jane Fonda led to a new passion for Sophie.
  • the importance of encouragement and sharing children’s passions
  • how I discovered some muscles I haven’t used in a long time
  • how unschooling children persevere even when no one is pushing them
  • novel writing
  • how children’s knowledge can soon exceed a parent’s and how they can end up teaching us
  • how younger children can learn from older siblings
  • some of the DVDs and videos we’ve been watching
  • and some of the things I’ve been working on
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July 9, 2015  

33: Starting Unschooling

In this week’s podcast, I discuss the topic of starting unschooling.

  • Is moving to unschooling a big step for children?
  • How can we encourage children to get excited about their own learning?
  • What if a child just wants to sit in front of the television or computer?
  • Do adults and children have different ideas about what kind of learning is valuable?
  • And what about trust?
I also ponder the future of this podcast.
Please visit my blog, Stories of an Unschooling Family for this episode's notes.
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