Stories of an Unschooling Family

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38: Is Unschooling Just Living Life?

August 17, 2015
In this week's episode, I discuss the following questions:
  • Is unschooling just living life?
  • Or is there more to unschooling than that?
  • What if life is too quiet or too busy or there's a crisis?
  • Has unschooling changed as my children have grown older?
  • Did Charlotte (17) give herself a good education?
  • Was she prepared for tertiary learning? 
  • Or should I have supervised the last year or so of her high school years?
  • Am I a proud mother?
  • Is it possible for siblings to successfully teach siblings?
  • And should we push children to develop and use their talents if they are not motivated to do this themselves?

I also share my latest resource discoveries!.

You'll find the program notes on my blog Stories of an Unschooling FamilyI hope you'll listen to this week's episode!