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I share the LOVE and JOY of living an unschooling and gentle parenting way of life. I ponder ideas while telling family stories, chat to my unschoolers, and share strewing resources.

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94: What Do Unschoolers Do All Day?
Apr 21st, 2017 by storiesofanunschoolingfamily at 8:03 am

This week, I share a few stories from a time when we used to ponder such things as:

  • was Helen of Troy still beautiful after ten years of war? Was she still worth fighting over?
  • are Elvis feet different from everyone else's? Why can't we walk in thongs (flip-flops, not underwear!)

I also talk about:

  • how we never used to unschool maths
  • how we sometimes deceive ourselves because we're not ready to face the truth
  • how unschooling is a continual learning experience for parents as well as kids
  • how I forgot something very important when we began unschooling


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