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74: Is Play Important for Both Adults and Kids?

June 15, 2016

This week, I discuss the following questions:

  • Should we condemn people, including children, who are having a bad day? Or can we help them?
  • Do adults need to play?
  • What about teenagers? 
  • What happens if we don't play?
  • Is it okay for kids to spend all day playing?
  • Do kids need time to play without a parent's involvement?
  • What are the benefits of play?
  • What are the best toys?
  • Should we let kids play games that involve risk?
  • Are our kids in danger of losing their childhoods?
  • Why am I very glad I let my kids play?
  • Should parents be daring and adventurous?
  • How can we increase our enjoyment when playing with our kids?
I also talk about Facebook.

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