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116: Why it’s Important to Allow Kids to Follow Their Passions and Interests

December 12, 2017


This week, I'm discussing the following questions:

  • Does planning have any place in unschooling?
  • Can we make attractive planners using Evernote?
  • Will I continue my Evernote workshop series?
  • How does balance fit into an unschooling life?
  • Why is it very important that we let our kids follow their passions and interests?
  • Is it okay to acknowledge our kids' talents?
  • Can we praise our kids?
  • Are we obliged to develop and use our own talents?
  • Can reality, lifestyle and documentary TV series provide us with lots of wonderful learning experiences?
  • How do we make homeschool record notes about TV shows we've watched?


Show Notes


My Evernote workshop series

50 Coloured Evernote Background Note Templates (to download)

Evernote and homeschool record keeping

My unschooling book series

Are We Incomplete Without Our Interests and Passions?

Should Unschooled Kids Live Balanced Lives? 

Unschooling Sausages

The Big Painting Challenge (episodes available on Youtube at time of posting)

Blog posts about The Big Painting Challenge

Imogen Elvis on Youtube


Podcast music: Twombly by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)


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