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110: An Interview with a Teenage Radical Unschooler

October 16, 2017

Last week, I was chatting about radical unschooling. This week, I'm interviewing Sophie (16) who is a radical unschooler. If you're unsure about this way of life, perhaps our conversation will reassure you that radical unschoolers aren't wild and irresponsible!

This is a very lively interview. I hope you enjoy it!

In this episode, Sophie and I are chatting about:

  • her unschooling week
  • her part-time job
  • her passions and interests and where she hopes they will lead
  • the importance of parent-child friendships
  • how unschoolers are different
  • siblings and how to avoid rivalry and encourage strong bonds between brothers and sisters
  • how we can protect our kids without making rules
  • how she has developed a strong sense of right and wrong
  • mutual trust
  • how unschooled kids can be themselves both in front of their friends and when they are with their family 
  • Sophie's health and exercise challenge
  • our joint podcasting idea
  • and lots of other things!


Show Notes


Sophie's previous podcast episode

Episode 70: Trust, Respect and Love Unconditionally


Podcast music 

Twombly by Podington Bear(CC BY-NC 3.0)


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Would you like to continue the conversation?

Do you have unschooling teenagers? Are they different from most other young people? Do you make rules? And what about exercise? You could join us and accept Sophie's health and exercise challenge! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. You could stop by my blog and say hello!