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107: Is Unschooling for Everyone?

September 22, 2017

A note before you listen to this week's episode:

Episode 107 is only a conversation starter. I'm sure my thoughts are incomplete...

Sometimes we have to work at jobs that we’d rather not do because we have families to support. My husband Andy was in this situation for many years so I understand how it might not seem possible to resign from such a job to follow a dream. However, perhaps there’s still room in our lives for a little unschooling. We might find a way to use our talents in whatever kind of job we have. Maybe we can watch out for an opportunity to turn down a different pathway. Whatever we do, we need to keep learning and keep striving to be the people we are meant to be… just like our kids.

Yes, this week I'm asking:

Is unschooling for everyone? Can anyone unschool? Should we all, whatever our situations, live an unschooling way of life?


Why do most of us have a need for 'likes'? Why is our self-worth dependent on the opinions of other people? And is it different for our unschooling kids?

Should parents be friends with their kids? Is it okay for parents to demand obedience? Or does obedience, no questions allowed, destroy the connection between parent and child?


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Nancy Shuman


The Cloistered Heart

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The Cloistered Heart



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