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106: Changes

September 15, 2017


This week, I'm talking about changes both in my online and offline lives.

I'm sharing:

  • Some further thoughts on kids, screen time and Internet usage
  • The future of my unschooling blog and podcast
  • A few resources
  • More about learning from life
  • Some family news including the fur coat story


Show Notes


Blog Posts

Is it Really Okay to Give Unschooling Kids Unlimited Access to Screens and the Internet

Why This is the End of the Line for Me

Why Becoming an Ex-Unschooling Blogger is a Bit Scary


Michael Mosley Resources

The Truth About Sleep

The Truth About Exercise



Eat, Fast, and Live Longer


Imogen Elvis



The Rains of Castamere music video


I apologise for the 'different' sound quality. I forgot to check the mic settings before I started recording and the podcast was recorded with my computer's internal mic instead of my USB one. I think the audio is clear, but maybe I sound like I'm in my bathroom! 


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